Forthcoming: February 2019

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T6 is seeking submissions from students and emerging artists for the upcoming group exhibition I Blink my Eyes to Keep the Time, curated by Rebecca Proppe and Brittany Myburgh. The exhibition will run from February 8th to 14th, 2019.

This juried group exhibition seeks out student and emerging artists whose work engages with the concept of time.

Visit our call for submissions. Deadline for submissions: December 21st, 2019, midnight. Please submit to the editors at T6 via tsixhundred@gmail.com or here. Ideally we request a single PDF or word document that includes your artist bio, statement and images.


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Exhibiting Artists:

Atleigh Homma

Gabrielle Hoole

Cassandra Jesik

Chris Neels

Rebecca Proppe

Sam Kasirer-Smibert