Futuristic Toy

Lana J. Yuan “The kinetic sculpture Balance renders the contrast and tension between silence and violence, manipulated movement, and free flow created by a motorized system. As the motors are running, the cams are rotating in clockwise or anticlockwise direction to drive the board moving up and down. The status of the balls – knocking,Continue reading “Futuristic Toy”


Anxiety, stigma, and punk collide in Canadian premiere of immersive dance-theatre performance 4-7-8 Toronto-based TOES FOR DANCE (TFD) and choreographer, producer, and Co-Artistic Director of TFD, Kristen Carcone, present an immersive dance performance, 4-7-8, from November 30 to December 2, 2018. Taking place in the compelling setting of the Small Arms Inspection Building, 4-7-8 exploresContinue reading “4-7-8”


  T6 is seeking submissions from students and emerging artists for the upcoming group exhibition I Blink my Eyes to Keep the Time, curated by Rebecca Proppe and Brittany Myburgh. The exhibition will run from February 8th to 14th, 2019. This juried group exhibition seeks out student and emerging artists whose work engages with the conceptContinue reading “I BLINK MY EYES TO KEEP THE TIME”